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Our comprehensive training doesn't just tell you what to do. It shows you and explains why to do it.

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Learning on your own isn't easy. By joining AOEBuilds, you get help from our AOE2 experts when you need it.

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Our systematic training will take you to the next level!

AOE2 DE is fun and simple to play. But, getting good at AOE2 isn't simple.
Especially if you're playing multiplayer online, losing can be frustrating.

Instead of randomly searching YouTube or Twitch for advice, join us for training videos that build on one another and cover the basics to 1500 elo. Our bite-sized video tutorials demonstrate simple things like how to execute build orders to advanced topics like late game economy balacing - all with pro and expert commentary. In fact, our training was created by AOE2 pros and experts.

We're adding new classes each week, such as Team Game tactics and economy management. If we missed something, let us know! The goal of the site is to be the one-stop resource for all your AOE2 training.

Want more? Support is included with our paid memberships! You can get all your AOE2 questions answered by our friendly team.

Everything is kept up to date with the latest AOE2 DE version.

Systematic training!
Beginner to 1500 elo!
Taught by Experts and Pros!
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