Arabia: The path through Definitive Edition

Over the years, it has been witness of innumerable battles, great players have reached glory, while others have hit rock bottom. Today, we will discuss everyone’s favorite map, Arabia.

Considered by many the best map of all, Arabia made its appearance in the Definitive Edition in a different way than we were used to. And players adapted to another playstyle.

We found a more closed and easily-wallable map, where the battles took place in Castle Age and without much early action, similar to all DE maps. But players were heard and the map has changed, our Arabia is back and better than ever.

Recent Changes:
1. After the recent modifications, we can observe the woodlines per player were reduced to 3 and also a greater distance between them and the Town Center. Additionally, forage bushes are also a couple of squares away from our TC, 10 to be exact.

Arabia 1er cambio opt
2. On the other hand, elevated terrain was added around player’s bases, creating dangerous hills that, with advantage, can be crucial for the course of the battle.

Arabia 2ndo cambio opt


3. Its third and final change was the reduction in the size of the oases and the length of the cliffs that appear throughout the map. Quite nice news for players who hate oases in the middle of their woodlines

Arabia 3er cambio opt

After reading these important changes, we can notice how Arabia is now a much more open map, with more viable strategies and, of course, a more aggressive scenario ready to witness more action-packed battles between its players.

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Good luck and have fun!