Arabia: The path through Definitive Edition

Over the years, it has been witness of innumerable battles, great players have reached glory, while others have hit rock bottom. Today, we will discuss everyone’s favorite map, Arabia.

Personalizing Your AOE2 Hotkeys

hotkeysIn every Real Time Strategy game, hotkeys are crucial in order to achieve victory and Age of Empires is not the exception.

Our objective at AOEBuilds is to help you improve in every aspect in the game and help you to climb up the Ladder and become a better player. That’s why we will talk about hotkeys today.

When it comes to hotkeys, there are 3 main and important topics that we should take into consideration before setting them: comfort, optimization and uniqueness.

A Brief Guide for Climbing the Ladder


The tutorial is prepared assuming the readers are not completely new to the Age of Empires 2, that they have some fundamental working knowledge of some important things like units, hotkeys, civilizations, etc.

That being said, some of the information will seem very basic to some players. But still, I hope to attract and provide guidance to those who want to start and/or improve but do not know how to begin.