Most important thing in Age of Empires 2

This Article is written by Ptee and edited by Jupe


First thing to learn is to use hotkeys, ideally your mouse never clicks anything from bottom left, but rather you use the hotkeys to press a button to get the upgrade or unit into the production queue.


Select all TC’s, select all barracks, select all ranges, select all stables, select all siege workshops, select all castles and select all docks are absolutely crucial hotkeys to know and have for efficient gameplay. Alternatively if you’re simpleton like I am, you can use control groups and control group your buildings, but remember this makes microing multiple army groups or army composition harder as you can’t control group them.

Useful building goto hotkeys such as lumbercamp, mill, mining camp, blacksmith and university should be mapped out so you can use them when needed, this makes getting techs much easier.

Idle villager hotkey is something you need to learn to spam in a never ending manner. Select all idles hotkey is very useful as well and select all idle military has good uses as well.

In the end what is most important with hotkeys is that you are comfortable with them and can use them efficiently, nothing else is more important than you knowing which button to press and it being easy.


1. You never want to touch bottom left of your screen with your cursor.

2. You don't want to select your buildings by clicking them with cursor.

3. You don't want to have to go between TC and army by clicking minimap