Japanese 18 pop Men-At-Arms

To watch the Video Training of this Build Order click here!: https://www.aoebuilds.com/aoe2-classes/course/civ-specific-build-orders/japanese-18pop-man-at-arms

An advanced version of the Men at Arms Build Order perfectly made for Japanese! This 18pop build is not only the new meta of Men at Arms, but also a great strategy to do early damage.

Gurjara Scout Rush pop 18

Gurjaras are a really interesting and verstaile civilization with endless possibilities

This build order will teach you how to execute a really fast Scout Rush with Gurjaras, going up with 18 pop

Gurjara Archer Rush pop 18

Besides Scout Rush is one of the most common Build Orders for Gurjaras, Archer Rush is also possible and strong

This build order will teach you how to execute a really fast Archer Rush with Gurjaras, going up with 18 pop that lets you dominate the game early

Mongol Scout Rush

Mongols are known to be the fastest scout rush civilization in the game.

This build order will teach you how to use the early economy bonus of Mongols to its maximum effect with extremely fast feudal age time.

Britons Archer Rush

Classic archer rush adapter to suit perfectly the Britons – who are masters in the archer rush.

Get ready to the enemy’s resources with their long range archers and find the road to the victory

Hoang Rush with Celts

We have all seen how powerful this Build Order is on Hoang’s hands, and it's time to give it a try.

In this Build Order you will see how one of our favorite players at AoEBuilds is winning against all Age of Empires 2 pros with Celts.

Really Fast Castle Crossbowman with Ethiopians

Ready for a really Fast Castle strategy? Because this one is really fast.

This Build order will teach you how to achieve an insane Fast Castle time and ready to dominate the game with strong Ethiopians archers

Japanese Men at Arms Rush on Four Lakes

This build order will take full advantage of the fish but also extremely fast aggression towards your enemy.

Especially in lower elos, this build has been notoriously impossible for low and mid elo players to handle - they are simply not expecting aggression to come so fast!

Vikings Fast Castle Longboats

Do you enjoy playing Water maps? Is Vikings one of your favorite civ? Get ready to dominate your games with this Longboats Build Order.

Your Vikings gameplay will change completely after executing this Build Order and you will see how fun Longboats are

Khmer Fast Castle with 26 Villagers

This extremely fast yet flexible build order gets you easily to the castle age much faster than any of your opponents could imagine possible!

This build has been made easy for even beginner/intermediate players to be able to pull off!

Khmer Fast Castle Boom

Khmer holds the ability for the fastest castle age times.

This build order will take the maximum advantage of this bonus to create insanely fast castle age into economy boom.

Burmese Double Castle Arambai

Yes, you read that right. Double Castle Arambai is our new Build Order for Burmese, ready to dominate your game and have fun with this Unique Unit.

By executing this, you will be able to build 2 castles right after you get Castle Age with a good economy and ready to produce Arambai and develop their upgrades like Bloodlines and Husbrandry

Mongols Drush into Man at Arms and Archers on Valley

Dominate any opposition with this extremely aggressive build. Don't let your opponent breath with this build order!

Mongol hunt bonus combined with the middle deer will allow you to drush while also going fast men-at-arms letting your opponent have no time to react.

Fast Castle to Cavalry Archers with Saracens

Not common but really effective Build Order to dominate the game with Saracen’s market and Cavalry Archers

This Build Order will teach you how to use that Saracen’s strong bonus with their Archery Range units

Fast Drush into Fast Castle with Saracens

Perfect Build Order to pressure your enemy and dominate the game with Saracen bonuses

This Build Order will teach you how to take advantage of these bonuses and use the market in your favor

Saracen Fast Castle Boom

Perfect Build Order to boom with Saracens in easily-walled maps

This build will teach you how to boom using the market bonuses to execute a Fast Castle and boom perfectly

Tatars 22 Pop Fast Castle

Tatars received a big change in our first anniversary patch,  and we are glad to show you a perfect Fast Castle with only 22 pop!

Dominate your Arena games (or really closed maps) with this Build Order, and take advantage of your free sheep to achieve a perfect economy boom! If you want to learn more about this BO, please go to our video class where our expert, Jupe, will teach us this strategy perfectly https://www.aoebuilds.com/aoe2-classes/course/civ-specific-build-orders/tatars-22-pop-fast-castle

Italian Fast Fire Galley Rush

This build will give you extremely fast feudal age and perfect water build to clear the water from the enemy quickly.

The only thing better than having fishing ships working, is burning down the opponent’s ships! Get ready to dominate all the water maps with Italians.

Huns Scouts into Archers

This classic build order makes use of the quick and well-rounded Huns.

This build order will create very fast paced gameplay and with good focus and micro you will overwhelm your opponents.

Fast Castle Boom with Fast Eco Civs

This build order uses a unique method of getting to Castle age quickly. Used by many Pro's yet nearly unknown method to the public, this build order will give you an edge over your competition when booming.

Recommended to be used in boom maps in Team games with civilizations that take advantage of economic bonuses.